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Yeander Farres Delgado. Freedom, now!

How many people will read this note? I don’t know; but whoever might support it, they will do it by sharing with me the respect for the human condition. The respect for the human condition should become the first premise for debating the Cuban present and the future, contrary to the current political fundamentalism that is dominating in our country nowadays.
This is evident in how the dissidents are treated: they are turned into simple “worms”, it means, they are striped of any human condition in ontological and legal terms; therefore, it is allowed abusing and beating them, slandering and imprisoning them, ignoring and occulting them to the national and international scene.
This is what is firsthand suffering Yeander Farrés Delgado, my brother, who is member of the Cuban Republican Party as well as Human Rights activist and who is on “preventive detention” since the last October 30th charged with the alleged crime of “public disobedience”.
For almost 80 days he has been there, despite of being a third stage HIV-AIDS patient and father of two children, a 3 years old child and a baby of 11 month. He has been there without trial, without definition for it, and also, with restrictions for accessing his “criminal” file and preparing his defense.
Which is the crime committed by my brother? It is not other than actively reporting about the cruelty that is being committed against the people with ideas similar to him. It is not other than taking part in pacifically demonstrations in the public spaces of Havana in forms that are not different at all from the 15M demonstrations in Spain that the Cuban official press repeats again and again. However, Yeander is treated as “common criminal” (similarly to the “dogs and flutes” from the Plaza del Sol!)
And, which is the criminal record to be highlighted from Yeander? No record. The only “crime” that my brother made was to demand for freedom of expression and association. Actually, his detention is part of a repressive wave against dissidents that the Cuban government and its bloggers are trying to hide but cases like the one of Antonio Rodiles are bringing to light.
This is part of certain concealment that, even so, is very effective because is supported by the complete monopoly on information. Against that, you can not publicly declare without taking risk of been classified as a CIA agent or a terrorist paid by the Cuban Mafia from Miami; or in my case, been warned that you are lying and you can be punished, as I knew from my relative once I divulgated my brother’s condition.
Among others expressions, this concealment take form in branding any information as gossip; a strategy for which, last December 1st, one month after my brother imprisonment, I had to reveal my name and face the consequences for bringing visibility to this case.
I won’t use space here for relating the violent circumstances of Yeander’s imprisonment which details were described by himself and his neighbors. I divulgated that information in a letter I sent to my contacts from Cuba and other place of the world, which is available in this blog. Whoever might be reading this note can download it for reading and deciding whether to support or not my campaign on behalf of the immediate release from prison, in which case it is possible to sing the petition in this blog
On the contrary, I will use this space for insisting that a support to this demand on behalf of Yeander is, first of all, a support to the respect for the human condition, an attitude that should prevail for over any political position. On this matter, I am interested in emphasizing what I said in my letter:
“I don’t share most of my brother’s ideals and much less the projection of the Republican Party of Cuba where he is active member; but, I believe that no govern, whatever political orientation might be, is authorized for deprive of freedom to whom peacefully demands for their rights for free expression and association, specially if it does not implies an aggression or violation to the rest of Peoples` rights.”
Yes, my brother is member of the Republican Party of Cuba. And I, I have no hesitation for declaring I am “a-capitalist”, term that I use in a similar sense of “a-theist” for expressing my disbelief in the capitalist system and for putting some distance from the fundamentalist understanding about “anti-capitalism” that the radical left assumes for justifying the violence against the people that do not share their ideas; which is one of the reasons for me to reject the “actually-existing socialism” that is defended from a pathological blindness.
Precisely, for this conviction, I have supported my struggle with the help of individuals but not favors from political groups. Indeed, I consider it is scandalous that the party of which my brother is member has not been active in divulgating this circumstances. I consider this a measure of how few they care about him. 
In that sense I can´t believe that the only news with some media coverage were those that I achieved without any patronage, just with the solidarity of people who are beyond the Cuban reality. Thanks to them two of the newspapers from the province where I temporary live in Spain, Granada Hoy and El Ideal de Granadaare the only officials sources divulgating this problem. Curiously, the far-reaching Spanish newspapers to which I wrote without political distinctions, have given me no attention.
For the cult of the full human dignity! Yeander Freedom, now!
Yasser Farrés Delgado: yasserfarres@yahoo.com.mx

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